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It is a well known fact that what the eye sees is instantly more memorable than any other sense. At Lark Visual we believe that every picture tells a story, and what better way to project that story than on a BIG screen! Offering only the very latest technology in LED screens, our Video Walls are ideal for creating serious visual impact. Entirely modular 46” or 55” screens with an ultra narrow bezel, fill a room with as many LED screens as you like to create something truly amazing and memorable. Perfectly suited to concerts, events, conferences, showrooms, retail, museums, security, or even your own at-home entertainment room, the Video Wall goes above and beyond all other screens to create a lasting impression.

The LED Video Wall is a large digital commercial-grade screen, brighter and more durable than its consumer-grade counterparts. With a 10-bit 10 billion colour display, high definition picture clarity is absolute. Cool innovation features sharp virtual imagery; interactive technology enhances real time experiences; the video wall will entrance and allure, lending scope and definition to your presentation or display. Our Video Walls are available for hire or sale (optional finance), and may be wall mounted, cabinet mounted, or free standing.

Whether you are promoting your business or an important announcement, the video wall is the perfect visual tool for:-

  • Advertising & Promotions
  • Conferences
  • Surveillance
  • Presenting Information


Lark Visual Video Wall


So, why not use a standard TV screen? Well, the answer is just that, standard.  A standard screen will not provide:-

  • longevity
  • impact
  • flexibility

The commercial grade LED Video Wall is cost effective, durable, multi-tasking, and seriously attention seeking!  Create impact through vision…


or 10,000 on a BIG screen!




MODULAR SCREENS                  Fill a room with as many LED screens as you like, 46″ and 55″ screens available
COMMERCIAL GRADESamsung screens: durable, high quality resolution, longer lasting
SPLICING DISPLAYSplicing to one full screen or one image per screen simultaneously: the more screens, the more images
MULTI SET-UP OPTIONSFlexibility to display: wall mounted; floor standing; recess/cabinet fitted; suspended
EASY TO INSTALLMinimal time & fuss
VALUE FOR MONEYCost effective, premium quality, long lasting, visually appealing
LIVESTREAMDirect from your PC/Tablet/Smart Phone
WINDOWS FUNCTIONUse as a PC monitor – great for conferences and events