Large Ultra High Definition screens featuring a unique 20 point touch with very smooth, high speed response take interactive technology to a new dimension. Gone are the days of overhead projectors and white screens, the Interactive Touch Board is the whole digital package – a flat panel design, offering both Windows and Android tablet mode. An all-in-one board with display+touch+PC+stereo in 4K2K resolution, the Interactive Touch Board ranges in size from a modest 55” to a huge 98″ touchscreen flat panel, wall mounted or on a pedestal. Consider the endless possibilities of a complete virtual experience in a classroom or conference setting, a new adventure for the taking.

Interactive Touch Board


The all-in-one design Interactive Touch Board offers the very latest in educational class interaction, resulting in powerful teaching and presenting experiences. The Interactive Touch Board includes interactive software programmed specifically for education and/or business presentations, with a multitude of functions:-

    • Unique 20 points touch with very smooth, high speed response touch
    • Pressure sensitive, for adjustable writing and drawing technique (great for graphics)
    • Interactive whiteboard software based on an interactive touch operation
    • Full whiteboard functions – writing, erasing, notation, drawing and roaming, fully integrating smart panel interactive multimedia functions
    • Network to other devices (tablets, phones, PCs)
    • Remote control the screen by iOS or Android mobile device
    • Centralised control of the screen in different classrooms
    • Import PowerPoint, Word, Excel, Video (4K2K video play) and Picture at any time
    • User friendly interface
    • Navigation map for convenient page positioning
    • Different teaching tool for different subjects including english, maths, chemistry, physics
    • Lock/unlock students’ tablets
    • Take pictures during presentation, and share to the screen



Interactive Touch Board education

Network tablets and phones directly to the Interactive Touch Board in real time


Interactive Touch Board sizes

Select your screen size, a modest 65″ to a HUGE 98″!


Interactive Touch Board on stand

All screen sizes can be wall or stand mounted


Lark Visual Interactive Touch Board comes complete with:-

    • Ultra thin and narrow design;
    • Infrared Ray 20 points touch technology;
    • Built-in Android and slot-in PC module;
  • All-In-One Design (display+touch+PC+stereo)
  • 20-Points Touch infrared technology
  • 4K2K Ultra High Definition
  • Wireless screen sharing (supports Windows & Mac)
  • Wireless Amplifier (amplify teacher’s voice by wireless microphone)


The Interactive Touch Board offers convenience and impact.  Perfect for the classroom and presentations, the Touch Board is so much more than a standard screen. Resilient, interactive and totally engaging, we challenge you to find a more fun learning tool!

or 10,000 on a BIG screen!



FEATURES                      BENEFITS

INFRARED TOUCH TECHNOLOGY20 point touch – very smooth, high speed response touch
COMMERCIAL GRADE SCREENSamsung, LG, SHARP – Durable, high quality resolution, longer lasting
4K2K ULTRA HIGH DEFINITIONFinest display effect
REMOTE ACCESSRemote control the screen by iOS or Android mobile device
DETACHABLE PC MODULEBuilt-in smart core and operating system, Android & PC function as standby
OPERATING SYSTEMDual core processor in Android and PC (Apple compatible); Windows 10
PRESSURE SENSITIVEAdjustable writing and drawing pressure, great for graphics and calligraphy