Digital Advertising Display

Images POP! with the Lark Visual Digital Advertising Display.  With split screen functionality and requiring minimum power, the versatile LED Displays are an eye-catching advertising medium, perfect for high volume pedestrian areas such as shopping centres, retail outlets, cafes, clubs and passenger terminals. They offer an unsurpassed HD picture quality and prominent animation software to draw the eye in even the busiest location.  Think Time Square NY, Piccadilly Circus, and Tokyo for that bright, spectacular WOW factor in advertising.  Now bring it into your own business.  Imagine the possibilities…heads turn unwittingly to the screen with its striking digital display, just ripe for some creative advertising to lift sales.   Promote your own products and services, or offer advertising space for additional capital.  Stream media direct from your smart phone, tablet or PC with the multimedia HD decoder chip, offering 1080P HD decoding.

The Digital Advertising Display includes a high definition media player, allowing you to quickly and easily update your media for instant viewing. Inbuilt digital signage software enables content to be scheduled at preferred times.The displays also include built-in speakers and HDMI/VGA inputs for connecting to other media sources.

Digital Advertising Displays can be used with minimum space due to the slim, unobtrusive frame. We recommend this advertising medium for shopping centres, retail outlets, hotels, clubs, airports, banks and real estate agencies, or anywhere with a product or service worth celebrating with the world!

Available in 46″ and 55″ screen size.


  • Shopping Centres
  • Retail stores
  • Hotels, restaurants & cafes
  • Nightclubs & bars
  • Banks
  • Real Estate agencies
  • Health clubs
  • Hair & beauty salons
  • Car showrooms
  • Museums & visitor attractions


Lark Visual Digital Advertising Display

lift sales, bring ‘WOW’ to your advertising



FEATURES                       BENEFITS

FULL HDCrisp 1080P HD images for live effect
46″ OR 55″ SCREENPick your size for visual impact!
EYE-CATCHINGGrabs attention, even whilst positioned unobtrusively
EASY TO INSTALL & OPERATESimply plug in your media and play!
FREE FLOOR STANDINGThe slimline structure is on wheels, and can be moved around to suit
3D VIDEO DECODERFor animated 3D graphics display
SPLIT SCREEN FUNCTIONOption to display multi screens simultaneously
COMMERCIAL GRADESturdy unit for 24/7 operation
COST EFFECTIVELow power usage, visually appealing, low cost
NET CAPABLEConnect to your own network for remote programming