Entertainment covers art & cultural centres, events, theme parks, gaming and many more.  Fasten your seat belts as the extreme screen takes you where nothing ever has!  Lark Visual screens are entertainment, for pure enjoyment.


The high impact Video Wall offers the best in visual technology.  Individual LED screens make up a wall as large as desired, creating a visual statement and WOW factor.  The screens can work independently, displaying an assortment of images or altogether to create one massive display.  Data can be cast direct from a PC or smart phone to the Video Wall, or via a USB device.

The big screen sells art at a gallery, tells a story at a museum, stretches the imagination at a theme park…Virtual reality just got closer.

  Modular 46” and 55” screens
  Commercial grade Samsung screens
  Splice display – one or multiple images
  Wall-mounted, floor-standing, recessed or suspended
  Easy to install
  Live stream from PC/Tablet/Smart Phone
  Use as a PC monitor, TV, Media player
  Great for conferences and events


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For your own promotions or advertising another event, Lark Visual Advertising Displays are a very cost effective marketing tool, offering high impact visual appeal and point of difference.





Not only Australian designed and made, but custom made according to your exact requirements, our LED Signs will outlive all others with their premium quality build.  Poster size or billboard dimensions, we do it all, with a 100% guarantee of quality workmanship and longevity!


With rising crime rates, it pays to take precautions on your property.  Lark Visual Surveillance Cameras are trailer mounted, with a 6m hydraulic mast and 3600 pivotal PTZ camera.  The added bonus of these transportable security systems – you can watch for intruders from the comfort of your home by smart phone!  Team the Surveillance Camera with our Video Wall, and you’ll never want to leave home again, as you watch TV, surf the net and watch your business all at the same time!



The Interactive Touch Board is perfectly suited to the meeting room.  An All-in-One Windows 10 Android PC with tablet mode, the Interactive Touch Board has 20-point touch, allowing multiple users to navigate the screen at one time. This larger-than-life smart PC is perfect for presentations or viewing any digital media.

Reduce the clutter: the Interactive Touch Board is space saving, cost effective, and easy to use – do away with the projectors, electronic whiteboard, speakers, TV, WiFi or computer, the Interactive Touch Board has it all-in-one!


  All-in-One Windows 10 PC + Tablet

  20-point touch

  Instant start up

  Full High-Definition touchscreen

  Pressure sensitive touch

  Interactive whiteboard software

  Pedestal or wall mount

  Network to other devices

  Import any software or app

  User-friendly interface


Interactive Touch Board infographic

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  • Reliability
  • Value for money
  • Quality
  • Easy to use
  • Added features
  • Point of difference
  • Innovation
  • Functional
  • After sales support


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